Vale Pete Westwood on Saturday April 17, 2021

Pete Westwood passed away unexpectedly on Saturday morning April 17.

He played drums for many bands around Melbourne – most notably in the Hawks Showband with Leo Dalton, Kerran Keats and Doug Foley.

Most recently he was drummer with Honey B & The Stingers and he had just added Leo Dalton to their lineup.

Here is a video of Pete in the Hawks Showband at their reunion for Leo’s 60th birthday bash.

Vale Colin Weidner on Tuesday July 21, 2020

Colin Weidner passed away on Tuesday July 21, 2020 from a severe stroke. He was 67 years of age.

He was also known as ColinCountry and he presented a Texas country music show called Texas Time Travelin’ on 98.9 North West FM on a Saturday night from 2005 – 2016.

Here is the radio promo he used for that show.