Photo Gallery

These photos were all taken at The Country Music Guild. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Rattlincane at the Guild on September 15, 2017
L-R John Dynon, Greg Ratten (drums), Sam Crowe, Greg Prow,
Steve Biddlestone and John Joyce
Photo: Frank McHugh

Rattlincane at the Guild on September 15, 2017
L-R Sam Crowe, Greg Prow, John Dynon, Steve Biddlestone,
John Joyce and Greg Ratten (drums)
Photo: Keith Green


The Moonee Valley Drifters with James Black on keyboards
at the Guild on September 8, 2017
L-R Rob Grenville, Tom Forsell, John Brockton (drums)
with special guests Andrew Forrer and James Black
Photo: Keith Green

James Black with the Moonee Valley Drifters
at the Guild on September 8, 2017
Photo: Keith Green


The Dolly Parton Show with the Sandie Dodd Revue at the Guild on June 9, 2017
L-R Sandie Dodd and Leo Dalton
L-R Doug Foley, Sandie Dodd and Leo Dalton.
Photos: Keith & Julie Green

Begya Parton (Looking a lot like Leo Dalton)


St. Patrick’s Day at the Guild on March 17, 2017
with the Rip Rawers
Photo: Bonnie Griffiths


Christmas Break Up at the Guild on December 23, 2016
L-R Helen Stewart, Michelle Gardiner,
Bryan Derrick (drums), Keith Green and Leo Dalton.
Dave Moore was on stage but not in the photo
Photo: Julie Green


Doug Bruce & The Tailgaters at the Guild on November 25, 2016
L-R Mark D’Rozario, Conrad D’Silva (drums),
Doug Bruce, Rusty Cochrane and Dave Moore.
Photo: Keith Green


Alby Pool and Melody Pool
at the Guild on November 18, 2016
L-R Anthony Taylor, Melody Pool, Mat Duniam (drums),
Alby Pool and Penny Sommerville.
Photo: Keith Green


Dean & Carruthers with original members of Bluestone
at the Guild on July 29, 2016
L-R Gary Carruthers, John Creech (drums), Terry Dean and Mike Burke
Photo: Keith Green
Dean & Carruthers + BluestoneL-R Gary Carruthers,Terry Dean, John Creech and Mike Burke


The Con Artists at the Guild on May 27, 2016
L-R Con Anag, Keith Green (Detour Sign), Leo Dalton,
Noel McMinn (drums), John Tippett and Dave Moore
Photo: Frank McHugh


Cold Heart Big Band at the Guild on February 5, 2016
L-R Steve Venus, Dave Cantrell, Craig Hadlow (drums),
Noray Gulian and Dave Philpots
Photo: Frank McHugh


Billy Bridge and Rebecca Lee Nye at the Guild on December 4, 2015
L-R Dave Moore, Anthony Taylor, Daniel Marolla (drums),
Billy Bridge, Rebecca Lee Nye and Helen Stewart
Photo: Keith Green